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I ditched my Android tablet for an iPad

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Clickbaity headline aside, yes I now have an iPad Air and it’s great.  I’ve been avoiding Apple products for a couple of years because I didn’t like the weird direction MacOS X was heading (and I still think I’m right).  I actually didn’t give up the Nexus for any ideological reason.. I sent it to my Mom in the UK so she could keep up with us via Skype.  

I’ve had a classic iPad for the longest time as well as  the Nexus and I was always a fan of it as a creative device, but it was time to upgrade.  The funny thing is even as an Android fan there are some gaps in Google’s application ecosystem I can’t seem to fill outside of iOS.   The more research I did on what tablet I should pick up next the more arrows pointed at an iPad upgrade.

Then came the Target closings, and I couldn’t resist any longer.  What I’ve discovered since is that iOS has come a long way, and the creepyness of the App Store model isn’t as bad as I had suspected it would be years later.  In fact it’s kind of nice to download “mostly disease free” software (you can tell I’ve been using Windows lately).  Google has an app store as well, but it’s pretty easy to load your own ‘.apk’ files so I never considered it a closed device.

As a techie something I overlooked is that I’ve actually been using app stores for more than a decade, via Linux tools like apt and yum, and to an extent the FeeBSD ports repository.  All of these sources are maintained by failry centralized groups to one degree or another and the world hasn’t ended for those operating systems.  

I’ll never be able to do 100% of my work from a tablet, at least not in the next couple of years, but the amout of work I actually can get done via iOS these days is really impressive.  

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Had to shut down

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Hi everyone, I had to shut down my URL re-director due to it being exploited by spammers, regardless of steps I took to make it more secure.


Miniclip test

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Play BMX Freestyle

And SimCity (1989)

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